Transact – A Connected Commerce Credit Card Payment System

|Transact – A Connected Commerce Credit Card Payment System
Transact – A Connected Commerce Credit Card Payment System 2017-10-20T08:49:20+00:00

More than just a gateway

The next generation of secure payment technology with worry-free PCI compliance

TRANSACT is easily integrated into your POS and provides worry-free PCI compliance to you and your merchants.  Add our innovative tokenization solutions and gateway, and you have a comprehensive payment processing solution that provides additional recurring revenue to your business.

Fully integrated

Card-on-File Payment

Card-on-file payments are fast-growing due to the security and convenience they provide.  Allow your merchants to offer card-on-file payment as an option to their customers.  Card data is not stored on the mobile device, the web, or POS making the transactions highly secure.  Another key benefit is customer purchase data is sent real-time to ENGAGE where precisely targeted offers are automatically delivered via email, SMS/text, and/or push notification.

Omni Channel Payments

proven payment technology

Secure and Scalable Payment Products

Differentiate from your competitors and increase your revenue with integrated, multi-channel payment processing capability across mobile, online, and on your POS. Your merchants benefit by staying out-of-scope of PCI compliance and offering convenient ways for their customers to pay for products or services.

Mobile Payment 100%
PCI Compliance 100%
Next Generation Gateway 100%
Tokenization 100%
Credit Card Payment System

Robust API Toolkit

We develop with developers in mind and have architected our APIs to make integration fast and easy across mobile, online, and your POS. With detailed documentation and powerful functionality, you can provide the best possible payment solution to your merchants and increase your revenue in the process.


Tokenization protects you, your merchants, and their customers by encrypting sensitive card data. As your technology provider, we manage the risk associated with cardholder data and enable wide-spread acceptance with our universal token, which can be used at any participating merchant.

Actionable Data

TRANSACT seamlessly passes purchase data from your POS, mobile, and/or online transactions into ENGAGE, where the data is analyzed and qualifying offers, rewards, and marketing campaigns are automatically sent to your merchant’s customers. It’s highly targeted, timely, and designed to increase customer visits for your merchants, which results in more transaction revenue for you.