Our Multi-Channel &

PCI-Compliant Payment Hub


Monetary integrates processing, payments security, and feature-rich tools in a single platform.

Monetary’s tokenization gives theaters the ability to engage their most lucrative customers to come back more frequently.

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Our universal tokenization works across different types of platforms – major processors plus in-store, mobile payments and web.

Imagine a cloud of scrambled data (token)

Tokens follow your customers around so they can make secure purchases how they want (in-store, mobile, web) anytime, anywhere.

Creates a great customer experience

Imagine Martha makes a hair appointment online and uses her credit card to confirm the appointment. Two days later, she walks into the salon and doesn't need to pull her credit card out of her purse - creating a great customer experience.

So you become the hero

Martha's great experience makes her happy and creates customer loyalty. When Martha's happy, the salon owner is happy. Everyone in the channel succeeds.

Worry-free PCI Compliance

You’ve got enough to worry about so we’ve marked PCI compliance off your list. Our end-to-end encryption keeps our developers and merchants out of scope. But it gets better than that. Our end-to-end encryption works with any of the processors on our gateway. So if you switch processors, no PIN pad re-encryption is necessary. We’ve partnered with Datacap and Bluefin to provide P2PE validated PCI compliance.

Many POS solutions. One source.

If you’re frustrated with using multiple vendors to create a great customer experience and generate revenue, we’ve got you covered. Explore how OFFER MANAGEMENT, SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT and GIFT & LOYALTY provide a “one-stop shopping” solution – making life easier and more prosperous for everyone.


Target marketing with intelligent customer buying data

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Keep schedules full with 24/7 online appointment booking

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Easily migrate existing card data in a seamless way

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