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Seamlessly Integrated Synced Data

What data do you need from your POS? We can help!

24/7 Access

Discover the Potential of Your POS Data

The POS is an integral part of any successful business.  Data residing in your system can provide substantial benefits to you, your clients, manufacturers, and consumers.

SYNC enables access to important data held in your POS, 24/7 via the web or mobile and delivers quantifiable benefits to you, your clients and their customers.

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SCHEDULE – The 24/7 Appointment Solution

point of sale integration for your booking calendar

SCHEDULE – Many Benefits

  • Centralized Calendar – A single calendar fed by your POS data and synced real-time, 24/7 across the web and mobile devices.
  • Operational Efficiency – Appointments via phone, online or mobile make it simple for your merchants to keep their calendars full without increasing workload for their clerks.
  • Increased Bookings – Allow your clients to extend their appointment booking capabilities beyond normal business hours.
  • Engage – Scheduling data can automatically launch targeted marketing campaigns and offers resulting in increased revenue for your merchants.
  • Availability – 24/7 availability gives your merchants the power to allow customers to schedule appointments how they want, when they want and see it real-time on the POS.
  • Payment – Enabling payment for your merchants during the scheduling process is powerful and can even support partial of full payment upon scheduling if desired.
  • Easy Integration – We understand integration – we are developers too. Our API library makes integration simple and fast so you can get to market and generate additional revenue.

Imagine the possibilities

The Future of SYNC

Imagine leveraging inventory management, product, and consumption data to optimize terms with manufacturers; or, seamlessly reconciling reports from your POS to a merchant’s accounting software and eliminating dual-entry. These are a few examples of what SYNC could do for you. Even more powerful, with integrations to ENGAGE and TRANSACT, SYNC creates new ways for you to serve your clients and unlocks new functionality that cannot be offered by any other partner.