Innovative Ways to

Fill Appointments 24/7

Automated Intelligent Appointment Engine

SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT is an intelligent appointment engine that ensures relevant appointments are circulated on a regular basis. Business owners don’t have to spend their time manually reaching out to customers, which relieves stress and makes it easier to run a successful business.



  • Intelligent appointment engine
  • Targeted personalized marketing
  • Customized appointment incentives
  • White label SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT or use Monetary’s name
  • Opportunities to increase robustness by connecting with MONETARY PAY, OFFER MANAGEMENT, GIFT & LOYALTY


  • Automate labor-intensive calls to fill last minute appointments
  • Complete control over incentives
  • Shift customers to slow times
  • Online bookings 24/7
  • Reach out to marketplace for maximum exposure

Our rules engine monitors the appointment book in real time looking for perishable inventory that matches customized criteria. SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT allows merchants to incentivize clients to fill these empty spaces with an extra push as the time approaches.

Set your rules for last minute openings

- Select a location
- Decide which services to make available
- Decide which service providers
- Create an incentive (discount)
- Decide on a timeframe (12/24/36 hours)
- Exclude days and timeframes (like Saturday)

The rules engine constantly broadcasts availability

Merchants no longer spend their days manually reaching out to customers to try to fill empty seats. SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT scans schedules in real time and broadcasts their availability. Our lite web-based booking experience funnels guests directly into last minute appointments.

Automatically reducing perishable inventory

Business is captured for new stylists or fitness trainers, creating an opportunity to win new long-term clients. Business owners have the reassurance that there’s a process in place to increase revenue.

Combine SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT with OFFER MANAGEMENT and waitlists are a thing of the past.

Intelligent data collected through OFFER MANAGEMENT gives insights into customer behavior so you know who your clientele is, who they book with, and when they last came in for an appointment.  Openings are circulated to the people who are most likely to make a buying decision. And if visibility is an issue, you can push appointments to our marketplace for maximum exposure.  Learn more about OFFER MANAGEMENT

Many POS solutions. One source.

If you’re frustrated with using multiple vendors to create a great customer experience and generate revenue, we’ve got you covered. Explore how OFFER MANAGEMENTMONETARY PAY and GIFT & LOYALTY provide a “one-stop shopping” solution – making life easier and more prosperous for everyone.


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