Engage – A Connected Commerce Customer Experience Platform

|Engage – A Connected Commerce Customer Experience Platform
Engage – A Connected Commerce Customer Experience Platform 2017-06-12T22:41:00+00:00

Marketing Automation

Hands-Off, Highly Profitable, Connected Commerce Customer Experience and Engagement

omnichannel customer experience platform

ENGAGE combines customer purchase data from various applications and automatically sends offers based on a customer’s value and buying patterns. The platform has single-screen campaign configuration and comes equipped with pre-configured logic for various marketing campaigns such as customer retention, welcoming new customers, happy birthday, big spenders and many others. Additionally, unlimited custom campaigns are easily setup to automatically deliver precisely targeted marketing campaigns to a POS, mobile app, email and/or SMS.

ENGAGE incorporates self-learning and logic within the platform automatically recalculates upon redemptions and purchases. Targeted marketing has never been easier…or more profitable.

lead scoring

Customer Scoring & Segmentation provides a clear view of the most (and least) profitable customers. Every time a customer completes a purchase, their purchase patterns are analyzed and segmented. Once segmented, it is easy to see how much revenue each segment contributes to the bottom line – and automated marketing campaigns are launched according to that value.

Nothing is required by the business or customer, the scoring and segmentation are automatically completed by ENGAGE, making it easy and effective for you and your merchants.

marketing automation

ENGAGE makes it obvious to see which marketing campaigns are generating revenue and which ones are not. The metrics are simple to understand and include campaign name, delivery method, and how much money the offer brought in. The more campaigns sent, the more insight is available to your merchants. This is a powerful capability that eliminates guessing about which marketing campaigns work and which do not.

The old cliché of “50% of your marketing is working, you just don’t know which 50%” is eliminated with ENGAGE where marketing effectiveness is 100% known.

Targeted engagement means

The right offer, delivered to the right customer at the right time…EVERY TIME.

Profitable Products with Connected Commerce Integration

reach customers on any device

ENGAGE reaches customers how they want to be reached via POS, smartphone, online, email, and SMS/text.

send loyalty offers

ENGAGE includes best-in-class Loyalty, Offers, SMS Marketing, Email, Flash Deals, and Smart Coupons.

control your messaging

For multiple locations, ENGAGE has a chaining module where corporate can control messaging and offers.

integrate engage with your other products

Integrate to the Product Marketing Module to target consumers based on products purchased.