Take Your POS Loyalty Program
to the Next Level with a Complete Customer Retention
& Engagement Platform

Everything you need to engage your customers with meaningful, personalized offers and rewards so they keep coming back and spend more money.


Developers & Resellers

  • Loyalty, offers and CRM solution with simple API  integration
  • Works at one location, multiple locations or multiple stores in a location
  • Connects across POS, web, & mobile
  • White label OFFER MANAGEMENT or use Monetary’s name
  • Opportunities to increase robustness by connecting with MONETARY PAY, SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT and GIFT & LOYALTY


  • Customer insights lead to increased spending and better customer experience
  • Our Merchant Success team helps you be successful
  • Offers feel and look like your brand
  • Powerful customer insights help grow your business
  • User-friendly dashboard shows your campaign results & ROI

OFFER MANAGEMENT combines loyalty, CRM, offers and gift into one powerful solution. We deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Automated personalized marketing campaigns are sent via text, email and/or push notifications. Customers can instantly use virtual offers the way they want – in-store, online or mobile app.

Imagine you have intelligent data ...

You know how much your customers are spending, what they are buying, and how they are purchasing (in-store, mobile, web). When combined with Monetary payment processing, OFFER MANAGEMENT not only gathers your data, it gathers customer data from other Monetary merchants as well.

That inspires customer loyalty ...

Make your customers feel special and connected. Our automated personalized campaign themes welcome customers to the program, reward loyal customers based on purchases or visits, reward big spenders, bring infrequent spenders back, and celebrate birthdays. You can quickly and easily create manual campaigns in real time on low volume days.

So you increase your bottom line ...

A study by Harvard Business Review found, “increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” Meaningful incentives connect customers to brands. We’ll show you how it’s working. Our Merchant dashboard tracks customer spending trends and how effectively your campaigns are working.

Maximize OFFER MANAGEMENT with Monetary’s Connected Commerce Platform

Integrating OFFER MANAGEMENT with Monetary’s suite of products increases the breadth and depth of customer data acquisition and analytics. Buyer behavior data collected from our payment processing platform, SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT, and GIFT & LOYALTY gives you a holistic view of your customers’ spending. Customer scoring and segmentation provides a clear view of the most (and least) valuable customers by analyzing purchase patterns. Offers are then customized to incentivize various customer behaviors. OFFER MANAGEMENT makes it easy to see how much revenue each segment contributes.

Many POS solutions. One source.

If you’re frustrated with using multiple vendors to create a great customer experience and generate revenue, we’ve got you covered. Explore how MONETARY PAY, SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT and GIFT & LOYALTY provide a “one-stop shopping” solution – making life easier and more prosperous for everyone.


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