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The Challenge

There is a new way to increase revenue for you and provide additional value to your merchants.  Instead of working with several software providers to offer standard applications like email, SMS/text, and mobile apps; Monetary provides a single, innovative, connected commerce platform that provides new recurring revenue streams beyond traditional solutions.  All products in our platform have been designed specifically with Developers and integration in mind.

A Platform

Crafted for You

Monetary is committed to creating value for Developers with revenue generating products that are easy to sell, simple to integrate to, and provide demonstrable value throughout the value chain.  Our products are uniquely integrated to one another which unleashes new functionality not previously offered by anyone. Tight product integration combined with omni-channel delivery across mobile, web, and your POS offers new recurring revenue opportunities for you.


The Solution

We’re developers too and understand the challenges of keeping your software relevant and updated in a rapidly evolving environment.  Fortunately for Developers, we take the burden of creating exceptional value-added products that create new revenue opportunities for all involved.  You focus on your core business and we focus on innovative products that are quick to integrate to and will help you (and your resellers) capture market share.  One solution, architected by industry experts and delivered to you in a tidy package.  We even provide marketing materials and a turnkey backend to administer any/all of our products.

Developer-Centric Products

A platform of products

Extend Your POS Excellence


Easy integration to your POS, worry-free PCI compliance, gateway, and proven tokenization solutions.

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Best-in-class loyalty, offers, and marketing automation delivered through mobile, online, email, and SMS/text.

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New ways to capitalize on an old standby.  Plastic gift cards or electronic; online, mobile, or POS.

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Maximize data residing in your POS and unleash additional value by allowing access 24/7 to data via web or mobile.  

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