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We’re not new to this…

We’re The Right Solution at the Right Time.

Monetary is a connected commerce platform crafted for software developers and merchants. Our platform has a comprehensive API library that simplifies the integration and synchronization of data across POS (Point-of-Sale), mobile, web, and telephone sales channels. With a powerful blend of payments, CRM, loyalty, offers, redemption, inventory, and appointments, Monetary delivers highly profitable and personalized web and mobile experiences for software developers, merchants, and their customers.

Monetary’s founders are proven industry leaders with a history of success in payments, loyalty, and marketing automation and previously created the most successful POS integration platform in the industry.  With new, innovative payment solutions and intelligent marketing automation Monetary has created a revolutionary platform that provides quantifiable benefits to developers, merchants, and consumers.

We help developers and merchants transform ordinary customer interactions into extraordinary relationships.

Mutual Success

We Are Channel Driven

Take advantage of new revenue streams and bleeding-edge technology specifically architected to extend the value of your in-store POS to 24/7 connected channels including white-labeled mobile and web applications.

New Opportunities

Easily distinguish your company from the competition and watch your bottom line grow.

Profitable Offerings

With our API library, integration is quick and straightforward so you can get your new solutions into market quickly and reap the benefits!

Flexible Options

Powerful value adds and the ability to leverage data confined in a POS is a game-changer.

Choice Matters

Be in control and can choose to adopt one or all of our products.  HINT: To maximize results, choose all products – they are tightly integrated and complement the functionality of one another.


Extend your reach beyond the physical store with 24/7 technology like our mobile apps and web-based products.

Connected Everywhere

Omni-channel makes it easy for your customers to engage with you from any device in any manner they choose resulting in more business for you.  We make it simple.

Executive Leadership

Shelley PlomskeCEO and Co-Founder

Shelley started her career as a software developer, in 2003 Shelley joined a fast-growing startup in the payment processing industry. Her strong background in technology and customer support complement a deep-seated passion for helping channel partners achieve competitive advantages. She loves the constant change and competitiveness of the merchant services world. Launching Monetary is the realization of her goal of helping small to medium size merchants generate additional revenue and create a consumer experience like big box retailers. She’s particularly proud of the talented and accomplished team that surrounds her. Even as Monetary launches its revolutionary platform using cutting-edge technology, they are looking ahead to address the next set of needs and requirements for a fast-moving industry.

Shelley approaches all things with passion. She took up golf in 2014 and has spent countless hours practicing and playing. When not working on Monetary or golfing, she spends times hiking with her dogs and growing a beautiful vegetable and flower garden. Although life has had its ups and downs, Shelley wouldn’t do anything differently. “I am who I am because of what I have experienced,” she says.

Motto: “Those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are those that do.”—Steve Jobs

Lisa BlandfordVP Operations

Lisa likes to keep all things running like a well-oiled machine. She is passionate about the merchant services industry and finds it exhilarating to be a part of a fast-paced community where members share and learn from each other.

Lisa began her career in payment processing industry in 2003 when she left her work in the title and home mortgage market to become a “Jill of All Trades” with a vibrant new startup. As the startup grew from five to more than 700 people, Lisa’s responsibilities and successes grew. She is an expert at getting things done. When she’s not applying her strong organizational skills to growing Monetary, Lisa keeps in shape by running—she is an avid participant in 5Ks and 10Ks. She also loves playing Legos and light sabers with her young son. A fan of such heavy metal bands as Pantera, Black Sabbath and Slayer, she knows most of their songs by heart and has been known to frequent mosh pits at concerts from time to time.

Motto: ”The Force is with me. I am one with the Force.” Chirrut Îmwe (Star Wars: Rogue One)

Greg CastroVP Sales

Greg is a seasoned veteran of the payments industry. He started more than 21 years ago selling terminals door to door. As he grew in his career he found his true passion in channel sales. Monetary’s vision, and the platform that embodies it, ensures that he can create great partner experiences. Because lightning-fast industry changes impact not only developers and dealers, but the merchants and consumers who depend on them, Greg’s personal mission is to have their backs with products and services that help the entire merchant chain to function smoothly, provide exceptional consumer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Greg’s passion to create an ecostructure that fosters success applies to his personal life as well. He teaches his children never to take the short road to advancement to someone else’s detriment. Some of his proudest moments have been watching both his son and his daughter win state sports titles. Ask him about the winning score in a triple overtime ice hockey game that snagged a state title! He’s also a foodie – experimenting with tacos and sliders, and is always ready for anything – even parachuting out of a plane.

Motto: “If everyone around us is successful, then we are doing something right.”

Bob GanleyChief Financial Officer

Bob’s guiding principle is that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. He has 30 years of experience in using technology to improve quality, eliminate defects and streamline business practices in a variety of tech markets. He is excited to be a part of Monetary’s commitment to use its connected commerce platform as a vehicle for providing merchants with the 360-degree view of their business, allowing them to focus their time and talent on doing what they love best. He sees his role at Monetary as being a leading advocate for optimizing performance through enabling people and empowering process.

When Bob isn’t working he is savoring the outdoors. Depending on the season, he mountain bikes or snow-shoes Colorado’s trails, enjoying the forest’s tranquility. His most exhilarating adventure was a 10-day live-aboard scuba diving trip to the Galapagos where he did four dives a day enjoying sea life in a pristine environment.

If Bob had one thing to do differently, he would have become a husband and father earlier. He married in his 30s and says of the experience, “My wife and daughters have made me a better man by challenging my conventional wisdom and encouraging my emotional growth.”

Motto: “Fortune favors the well-prepared.”

Jason KeyChief Technology Officer

Jason has founded multiple companies both in the US and Europe. His product management and engineering strengths are demonstrated by the many innovation leadership roles he has held during his career in Payments, Marketing Automation and Gaming. Originally a database engineer, he migrated to the emerging field of web development and from there into Payments, API / App development, and mobile.

His professional curiosity extends to his personal life where his hobbies include building home automation applications with his children using Raspberry Pis and various microcontrollers. He is excited about bringing his experience and skills to bear on building and expanding Monetary’s platform position as a foundation upon which other solutions providers in the payment processing industry can build.

The most exciting things he has done include starting and selling an ad-server company in Europe, learning to surf in Ireland, and power-kiting in California. Jason observes that he is the sum of all his successes, and just as significantly, of his failures.

Motto: “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” – Oscar Wilde

Departmental Leadership

Kevin OliverSoftware Architect

Kevin’s path to being a software architect is, to say the least, unusual. After eight years in the Army (the outcome of partying too much in college, he says), he returned to college to get a bachelor’s degree in Russian Language and Literature. Going back to school after the military, he says, is his biggest accomplishment. Coming from a family full of PhDs and Masters, it was just something he needed to do.

However, unlike many liberal arts majors, he put himself through school doing programming. He was able to pay off his student loans in less than 1 year and gain the experience that led him to numerous software programming positions in the last 16 years, most in the payments industry. As he puts it, “I’ve been able to be successful in technical jobs without a tech degree because I’m logical – and I don’t overanalyze.”

When he’s not working with his team to build out the software platform for Monetary, you can find him swimming, hiking, watching Netflix, or out in his code shed working on side projects to keep himself fresh.

Motto: “Just go out and do it. You can beg for forgiveness later.”